HSE & Quality

Health, Safety & Environment

Health & Safety of Personnel and protection of Environment is our foremost priority while carrying out our business. Highlights :

  • Our Jobs in workshop and on-site are always monitored by dedicated HSE personal.
  • We believe HSE is Everyone's Responsibility and ensure high level of HSE awareness among our team members.
  • Proper Communication system with Client and office is maintained.
  • Daily briefing and detailed information about the task and potential HSE issues related to the Task is provided to the workmen.
  • Proper Inspection on tools, Work site and surroundings is ensured prior commencing the work.

  • We keep traceability of work process.
  • We always ensure proper documentation.
  • Workmen personal-responsibility to ensure Quality.
  • All QAQC inspections ensured by management.
  • Availability multi-skilled Engineers.
  • Very efficient and well focused Management.
  • Quality welding on Carbon/Stainless steel.
  • Extensive skilled Manpower Resources.
  • Good Base of Materials at competitive prices.
  • Design,Engineering&Project Management Expertise.